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  • Bill Weidenfeller


Monday, June 8, Rodby, Denmark to Lubeck, Germany

Distance: 117 Km/ 71 miles.

We had another long ride today from Rodby to Lubeck, Germany.

Today was unique as we tool a Scandinavian Ferry from Denmaek

across a section of the Baltic SEA to Fehmarn Island, Germany and then

a tall bridge onto the mainland of Germany.

We rode our bikes from the hotel to the ship and rode into the “belly” of

the boat, along with cars and trucks headed to Germany. later we excited

the ferry and began our trek to Lubeck, through picturesque farmland

(mainly wheat), small well kept villages, and along the waterfront of the Baltic Sea.

We departed Fehmarn Island across a tall modern bridge over Fehmarnm sound to

the mainland.

Strong winds ripped at us high above the waterway in the crossing; a gusty cold wind!

It became a sunny and pleasant morning riding a on the paths and roadways headed

to Lubeck, a city of 200,000 inhabitants. It was a long 71 mile day on the bike with a variety of German life nd industry on display. In a major contrast to life in Naples, we saw the beaches on the BAltic Sea visited by beach goers in winter jackets o a chilly afternoon.

Our entire group enjoyed an Italian dinner tonight in center city Lubeck tonight.

Tomorrow is a shorter ride to Hamburg, where we will enjoy our first ‘rest day”, with plenty of

activities available to us in this major German port city!