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  • Bill Weidenfeller

Arrival in Copenhagen, Denmark

What Danes say, and what visitors confirm about this great city:

“Great people, great food, and really great design make Copenhagen

a must-visit destination for travelers. You will have to travel a long way to find fresher air,

and bars more inviting than in Copenhagen“

”Hygge” is everywhere —the Danes are devoted to the philosophy of ”Hygge”; the idea that creating a cozy place, a comfortable atmosphere, is the key to happiness!

The Danes take their bicycling seriously. It is ranked the #1 city in the world for bicycling. Bikes are everywhere; stacked in racks outside the business offices and the train station, and leaning against fences , trees, and buildings downtown.

I met up with Dan and Rick at breakfast this morning after arriving at the hotel

at midnight last night from London-Heathrow. It is great to be with them on another cycling adventure!

We took a walk in the town center this morning in the cool, windy, rainy weather to see some of the sights: