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  • Bill Weidenfeller


My impressions thus far of the quality of life for citizens of the Netherlands is very favorable. On this Sunday 48 mile bike ride from Coevorden to Zwolle and on to Kampen we saw the Dutch people “out and about” in their towns, restaurants, and bicycle pathways of their area. The people were active at sports-mainly cycling- or hiking with family members or friends. It is said that Holland is “the happiest country in Europe”!

We rode the famous network on Dutch bike paths which make the Netherlands one of the most cycling friendly countries in the world. The pathways are the best we have seen in Europe; interconnected, well maintained, and through beautiful countryside and ”neat” small towns.

We had some light intermittent rain, but the sun was out for much of our ride. It was truly a nice Sunday bike ride day: not only for our cycling group, but also the bike clubs, solo riders, and numerous Dutch people out for some activity on the weekend.

We saw the famous windmills of Holland. We saw waterways, dikes, locks, and burms to keep the sea water rom the reclaimed land.

The city of KAMPEN is built on the banks of the Ijssel River (it is called “the I”, a Dutch branch of the Rhine.

Great fun today! I am a new fan of the Netherlands and the Dutch people!

Tomorrow we are biking to Amsterdam, and a rest day there!