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  • Bill Weidenfeller


Today’s 48 mile ride to Gouda (pronounced “How da”) was by voted at our table tonight the BEST RIDE so far in our Copenhagen to Paris tour. The weather was finally warm and sunny, the wind was negligible , the distance less than normal, the pathways and roads were in good shape, and the scenery along the way was BEAUTIFUL! It was a day composed of “WATERWAYS, WINDMILLS, AND COUNTRY ROADS”. A fantastic day on the bike!

We left Amsterdam during rush hour traffic, on the road AND on the bike paths. We somehow traversed it successfully. Once our of the city we pedaled along tree lined waterways and country roads surrounded by Hydrangea bushes and beautiful homes with colorful gardens blooming with colorful plants. We passed several of the old time Dutch windmills highlighting the landscape. We stopped at a castle for photos, and at a coffee shop for a cappuccino.

Arriving in Gouda in early afternoon we rode through town in streets with orange Gouda cheese wheels hanging from overhead wires. a walk through the main city square and open market was a popular activity for our cycling group.

It was a happy group at dinner tonight as we rehashed the day’s ride. We have a long 77 mile ride tomorrow to Antwerp, Belgium; our 4th country of the tour!