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  • Bill Weidenfeller

DAY 14, JULY 18. GOUDA TO ANTWERP...distance 76 miles/123 km

We had a long and varied ride today through the countryside and small towns of Holland between Gouda and Antwerp. We had two ferry crossings in the morning t get beyond the canals in our path. We also crossed over a high bridge spanning a large channel into Maerdijk. The winds had picked up so we felt their impact high above the water below.

The highlight of the day was our stop at the famous Kinderdijk windmills, a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. The aligned windmills make a spectacular sight. It is the iconic picture of Holland.

We crossed the border into Belgium at Essen and rode into Antwerp, the cultural center of the Flemish people, and the worldwide center of the diamond trade! The famous painter Peter Paul Rubens’ art Is in the city’s cathedral near our hotel in the diamond district. It was along day on the bike, but we saw and visited very interesting places, and enjoyed the experience!

A windmill at Kinderdijk