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  • Bill Weidenfeller

DAY 15...JULY 19 ANTWERP TO BRUGES. distance: 69miles/111km

Highlights: “Quiet Roads, Beautiful Bruges, Belgian beer”

We had an interesting morning departure from Antwerp as we entered a large elevator on our bikes that took us down to an underground tunnel passage under the river to the other side ,and then up to ground level again—and on our way west.

The picturesque Flemish countryside with its canals, farmlands, and dairy farms was perfect for our long 69 mile ride to Bruges, Belgium on bike paths and rural roads. Louic our Belgian guide told us that there are ice skating races held on these canals in winter.

It was dry and warm and sunny; weather much appreciated by our cycling group!

We had a ferry crossing and a long scenic ride along the Ghent-Bruges canal into the the busy (with tourists) city of Bruges. Many Belgians are also celebrating their National Holiday weekend. “The 3 Amigos”, Dan, Rick and Bill, capped off our long ride with a Belgian beer, and then a laundry mat visit, as we have a rest day tomorrow.

The restaurant prepared a special meal of Belgian mussels (or steak) for a group dinnerr near the town square where a band played on into the night!

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