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  • Bill Weidenfeller

DAY 19..JULY 23..LIESSIES TO REIMS..distance 77 miles/124 km

We rode out the main gate of the “CASTLE” this morning at 7:30; earlier than normal as we have a long 77mile day today, and the hottest temperatures (80+ degrees) we have experienced thus far. We were off to Reims (pronounced “RONCES” and a Rest Day! We immediately faced a number of rolling hills. Those hills and many others totaled 3600 feet of climbing today. I rode with many different fellow cyclists at one time or another on this long day on the bike. I loved the ride! It was a beautiful route to Reims. The small towns like Bucilly, Ivers, Renneville, and Courcy were quiet on this Tuesday morning; not many were our and about. The homes were well maintained and enhanced by flowers.

In the town of Anor, where The Tour de France had passed through had the leaders jerseys hanging from wire overhead as we rode through town. We have left the Ardennes region and the forests, for the vast agricultural region with massive fields of wheat and corn. We brought a lunch sandwich in our bike bags, as there were very few cafes along the way. We stopped and ate in the shad of a tree on the route. We were all at our 4 star “Hotel Continental” in center city Reims by 3:00 pm. Tomorrow: REST DAY in Reims! Lots to see, AND WE ARE IN FRANCE, where I have a chance to use my French!