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  • Bill Weidenfeller

Day 2...June 6. Copenhagen to Rodvig, Denmark

The 48 mile (77km) ride from Copenhagen to Rodvig began at 9:00 am

IN THE RAIN, and finished at 2:30 pm IN THE RAIN!

It was not great weather:cold, rainy and windy, but it was an interesting day on the bike.

We experienced the extraordinary bike p[ath network in Denmark with the majority of the

ride on this network of paths, and off the busy wet roads.

We rode halfway before stopping in Kobe (with a slash through the O in Kobe). This old town is famous for having the oldest hand-timber house in Denmark. We stopped for a photo.

From Køge, Dan, Rick and I rode by GPS south on paths and roads close to the Baltic Sea

right to our hotel in Rodvig, Denmark on the beach of the Baltic Sea where we can see across the water to the white cliffs of the Denmark island of Moen.

The talk of the day was “FLATS”, as 10 flat tires were experienced by the 12 cyclists. I accounted for 2. Not pleasant on a rainy day!