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  • Bill Weidenfeller


We left our hotel in Reims on our bikes at 7:30 am. The early departure gave us more morning time to ride, considering the HEAT WAVE in effect in France at this time.

It was 75 degrees when we rolled our of the city and 106 degrees at noon when we arrived at our Hostellerie du Mont Aime in Bergers-les-vertues. It was a short ride day of 42 miles, and also one of the most “pittoresque” days (you translate from the French) on the bike!

We are in the Champagne region of France and the vineyards of grapes stretch up the hillsides as far as one can see. Some of the vineyards are tagged with the owner’s name:

I spotted Moët et Chandon, and Taitengers, some of the best names in Champagne. I will know more about champagne after our wine tasting at 5:00 pm today!

A short day’s ride is not necessarily an “easy day”. Today was not easy; we had hills that

totaled 2900 feet of climbing today, plus the HEAT! But no complaints!

The magnificent scenery and the challenges of the repeating hills made it a FUN RIDE!

The roadside displays in the small towns we passed through showed us the Tour de France had also passed through on these same roads.