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  • Bill Weidenfeller

DAY 23-JULY 27. MEAUX TO PARIS Distance: 40 miles/64km

This is the Final Day of our 23 day, 1100 mile and 5 country cycling journey from Copenhagen to Paris! What a thrill it was to enter Paris through a mix of country roads and bike paths along the canals and parks into “The City of Light”. We are staying in a new vibrant, and popular Parisian area called La Villette.

We all had worn or “Expedition Plus” cycling jerseys for a photo, and our own display of teamwork, but rain gear covered the jerseys most of the 40 mile route as we biked along the canals leading into Paris. Tonight I will have dinner with my nephew Matthew and his

bride who are celebrating their honeymoon in Paris. Tomorrow the Tour de France racers enter Paris as the Tour completes its final day. I hope to catch a glimps!

At Norte Dame Cathedral in Reims