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  • Bill Weidenfeller

Day 7, July 11. Hamburg to Bremen,Germany....69 mi/111km

We rode out of the Henri Hotel in Hamburg at 9:00 am into the heavy traffic, both car and bike, headed for the Port where we boarded a ferry with our bikes. A short ferry ride to the town of Finkenwerder (great name!). It was then off on a 69 mile ride to the city of Bremen, population 500,000, located on the Weser River. Bremen was bombed heavily and severely damaged during the war, but has rebuilt, and is again a large, active and major city in Germany.

We rode south to the “Altes land”, a reclaimed marshland that now produces apples and cherries. We passed through small towns and farmland in fair weather in the morning, but late afternoon was rainy and miserable. We all endured the rain, several flat tires, and the bumpy bike paths. We are moving fast through Germany! It is a pleasure to see the German lifestyle, and housing, farmlands, and transportation options etc.

We will be out on the road again tomorrow to see what the city of Cloppenberg, Germany has to show us!