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  • Bill Weidenfeller

Day 8 - July 12...Bremen to Coppenburg, Germany. 58 mi/93km

We had some rain again today as we began our 58 mile ride to Cloppenburg, Germany, but the sun did come out for a good part of the day. It was an enjoyable ride with interesting sights; such as the Castle in Oldenburg, which was home to the kings until 1918. It sits on the active central square which also includes a magnificent 3 spired church.

The route we followed was through the German countryside with cattle and horse farms, wheat fields and small villages. We travelled mainly on bike paths and secondary roads.

Passing through a Nature Reserve was a scenic highlight for this ride. We arrived at our hotel by mid-afternoon and had the opportunity to watch the TdF on tv, before a good home made buffet dinner at the hotel. Tomorrow we enter Holland, our 3rd county of “OUR TOUR”! 00ps: is spreek geen Nederlands! (I don’t speak Dutch! )

The Castle at Oldenburg

Leaving Oldenburg we spotted this lock.