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  • Bill Weidenfeller

Day 9. July 13. Cloppenburg, Germany to Coevorden, Holland..65mi/105km

We started the day’s ride in a wet fog leaving Coppenburg. I continue to wear 4 layers of cycling clothing daily in the 56 degree cold ,wet mornings , usually removing the rain jacket buy noon. Today’s excitement was entering the Netherlands at the 80 km mark as we crossed the virtual border, where simply a “Welkom” sign announces your arrival in the 3rd country of our tour.

Small towns and rural farms presented the scenery again today. We came across across an interesting man in a small town, who came out to the roadside from his motorcycle shop and “museum” to ask us where we were from and what we were doing. We told him of our trip and he said “Come, Come” inside. we learned his name is Josef Hukelmann, and that he was a former German National Champion motorcycle racer with over 50 trophies he showed us to prove it. He showed us his “museum” of famous “bikes” , and told stories of racing. What interesting people you meet on the road!

We ate a restaurant lunch in Meppan, Germany, and then rode quickly into The Netherlands to our hotel in Coevorden,the Netherlands; a former castle in a beautiful town. We had dinner together in an elegant room in the “Kasteel” this evening!