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  • Bill Weidenfeller


It was a perfect day for the bike ride to the limestone whit rock summit of Mont Ventoux; sunny, warm , with little wind. I met Jean and Ezzat at Jean’s house at 8:00 am, we loaded the bikes on the car and drove to the village of Sault, where we began the 2 hour 29 minute steady climb for 25 km up and up over 6,9,10, and 12% grade inclines, finally reaching the summit around noon for a photo at the top—after 4000 feet of climbing. The mountain lived up to its reputation...it is often referred to as the “Giant of Provence”. It is a magnet to cyclists. No double it is a very challenging climb, and that is its appeal the cycling community. There were many cyclist climbing and descending the mountain as we were riding. It is a “bucket list” event for many!

The closer you come to the summit, the more difficult the climb.. The final kilometers are the toughest! When you can see the final cut- backs you know you can make it; you have invested too much energy, sweat, and discomfort not to! Obviously,

I was so pleased and excited to have reached the summit of the mountain I have thought about for years!

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